Sales Tax

In the Account Module, sales tax can be quickly added to the patient's account by applying a sales tax adjustment to selected procedures based on a set percentage.

Note: To quickly add retail items (e.g. toothpaste) to a patient's account, see Quick Procs.

Setup: In Account Module Preferences:

Apply the Sales Tax to Procedures:

  1. In the Account module, select the procedures to apply the sales tax to.
  2. Click the Adjustment dropdown in the toolbar, then Apply Sales Tax.

For each procedure, a Sales Tax adjustment will be added. Below is an example of a 5% sales tax adjustment for a $5 procedure.

The default provider on the adjustment will be the Practice default provider. For Clinics, the default provider will be the default provider for the clinic assigned to the procedure, or if no clinic, the practice's default provider.

Version 16.3 and earlier

Apply sales tax using a sales tax Adjustment or a dummy sales tax Procedure Code.

Add a Sales Tax Adjustment

  1. In Setup, Definitions, create a new Adjustment Type (e.g. Sales Tax, +).
  2. In the Account Module add the adjustment:
    • Click Add Adjustment.
    • Enter the sales tax in the Amount field.
    • Select the Sales Tax adjustment type.
    • Click OK.

To see all sales tax adjustments made in a date range, use the Daily Adjustments Report.

Add a Sales Tax Procedure Code

  1. Create a new non-D procedure code and check the box for Do not usually bill to insurance. Add Procedure Code.
  2. Add the new sales tax procedure code to the patient's appointment or Chart Module when applicable.
  3. Enter the sales tax in the Amount field on the Procedure.
  4. Set the procedure code complete.

The sales tax will list under Patient Account in the Account module.

To see all sales tax procedures for a date range, use the Daily Procedures Report. Enter the procedure code and select Grouped by Procedure Code to view total amounts.