Repeating Charge

Set a procedure to automatically post a charge to a patient's account every month.

In the Account Module, the Repeat Charges grid displays all repeating procedures for the selected patient.

Setup Requirements:

To post repeating procedures to patient accounts automatically or with the Repeating Charges tool, see Repeating Charges.

In the Account Module toolbar, click Repeating Charge to add a new repeating procedure or, double-click an existing charge to edit.

When adding new charges, the Procedure Codes - Fee Schedules window will open. Select a procedure with a treatment area of Mouth or None. Once a procedure is selected, enter the repeating charge details on the Edit Repeat Charge window.

Calculate Charge Amount (optional): Calculates the monthly Charge Amount.

Click Calculate to automatically fill in the Charge Amount.

Charge Amount: Enter the amount the patient will be charged every month. To edit the charge amount for existing repeating charges on all patients or, just patients in a Super Family at once, see the Database Maintenance tool, Repeat Charge.

Date Start/Date Stop: Enter the dates the first and last procedure will be posted. The procedure will post on the same day of the month on and between the dates entered. This is also the day of the month the repeating charge tool needs to be run (if automatic repeating charges is not enabled). Choose a standard day (e.g., the same day as Billing) to include these procedures on patient statements.

For example, a 10/01/2021 start date and 09/01/2022 end date will result in a charge on 10/01, 11/01, 12/01, etc. with the final charge posting on 09/01/2022.

Creates Claim: Check to automatically create claims for the procedure when charges are posted from the Repeating Charges Tool. The patient must have insurance and the procedure cannot be marked Do Not Bill to Ins. The Date of Service will be the procedure posted date and the claim status is set to Waiting to Send. If the patient has a secondary insurance plan, a secondary claim is also be created with a status of Hold until Pri Received.

Use Unearned: Check to automatically allocate an Unearned / Prepayment to the procedure as it is posted.

Note: If both Create Claim and Use Unearned options are checked, the unearned amount allocated to the procedure will be the estimated patient portion which may be less than the amount specified in the repeating charge.

Unearned Types: Select a specific unearned income type to be allocated to the repeating procedure. Any unearned payment on a family member matching the selected unearned income type will be used. To allocate any prepayment regardless of unearned type, select All. Additional unearned types can be added in Definitions: PaySplit Unearned Types.

Enabled: Set the status of the repeat charge (e.g., enabled or disabled).

Note: (optional) Enter a repeating charge note that appears in the Repeat Charges grid. Compatible with Right-Click Options.

Copy note to procedure billing note: Check to also add the note to the Procedure - Misc Tab, Billing Note.

Manual: Click to add the procedure to the account immediately. The procedure will be completed with today's date, for the amount of the repeat charge, and with the patient's primary provider and assigned clinic. Any unearned income will be allocated to the procedure (if enabled) but will not automatically create a claim or be marked as (unsent). If a repeating charge is manually posted on a different day than listed in the Date Start field, the repeating charge tool will post a duplicate procedure for the month.

Click OK to save.

To exit the Edit Repeat Charge window without saving changes, click Cancel. To disable and remove the repeating procedure from the Repeat Charges grid, click Delete.

Optionally, set up CC Recurring Charges to pay the repeating charge balance using the patient's payment information on file. Authorize Recurring Charges for the repeating charge amount and set the recurring charge date to match the repeating charge date. When recurring charges are run, the patient will be charged for the amount up to the repeating procedure fee.

If utilizing both Recurring Charges and Repeating Charges, ensure automated repeating charges are scheduled to run prior to auotmated Recurring Charges in Preferences. If posting charges manually, ensure Repeating Charges are posted prior to running Recurring Charges.