Custom Bridges

Custom bridges may be added if we do not offer a bridge for a program.

In Program Links, click Add.

Adding a custom bridge is useful if a user knows how to write output files. See Program Link Output File.
For a list of current program bridges, see Interoperability with Other Software.

Examples for custom bridges:

Note: Only add custom bridges for bridges we do not already support.

Bridge Settings:
Internal Name: Is left blank for custom bridges. For existing bridges this is the internal name used by Open Dental.
Description: Enter the name of the bridge. This name will show in the Program Links list.
Enabled: Check to enable the bridge.
Path of file to open: Enter the website URL to launch.
Local path override. Usually left blank: Enter a local path override if any.
Optional command line arguments: Enter any command line arguments.
Text on button: Enter the text to show in the Reports menu or on the toolbar button.
Additional Properties: Not used for custom bridges.
Notes: Enter any notes about the bridge.

Output File: Click to build an output file for the custom bridge. See Program Link Output File.

Button Settings:
Hide Button for Clinics: If using clinics, select which clinics the bridge applies to.

Add a button to these toolbars: Select where to display the button throughout the Open Dental program.

Button Image (22x22): Select an image to include on the button.
Click Clear to remove the existing image. Click Import to select a new image.