ODTouch: Settings

Determine a variety of settings specific to the ODTouch app.

From the ODTouch: Home Screen, tap Settings.

Use Fingerprint: When fingerprints are enabled on the device, the fingerprint can be used to validate credentials. If fingerprints fail, users can enter the pin number instead.

Switch Clinic: Tap to switch to a different clinic. Only displays when clinics is enabled and multiple clinics are signed up for ODTouch.

Reset Pin: When initially enabling Clinical Security, users create a 5-digit pin number on the device. If forgotten or unknown, tap to reset the pin number. The user's Open Dental password is required. Enter a new 5-digit pin number.

Messages: Tap to view settings specific to ODTouch: Messages.

About: Tap to view device information. See ODTouch: About.

Connectivity Status: Displays how the device is connected to the database. See ODTouch: Connectivity Statuses.

Security Options

Security options are used when Clinical Security is enabled and a Frequency value has been set in ODTouch Security. When the frequency time has been met on the device, the user must validate their credentials.