Fee Tools

Use Fee Tools to make copies of Fee Schedules, increase all fees in a Fee Schedule, and more.

In Procedure Codes, in the lower-right, click Fee Tools.

See our video: Updating Your UCR (Office) Fees.

Show Fee Schedule Groups: When checked, changes Clinic option to Group. Only available when Show Fee Schedule Groups is enabled in Enterprise Setup. See Fee Schedule Groups for additional information.

Select Fees: Select the criteria for fees to be copied, exported, imported into, increased, or cleared.

Copy To: Select where fees will be copied to. See Fees Copy for detailed steps and additonal information.

Export: Export fees that meet Select Fees criteria to a txt file. See Fees Export for detailed steps.

Import: Import fees from a tab delimited file into the Select Fees Fee Schedule. See Fees Import for detailed steps.

Import Canada: Only displays for users in Canada. See Canada Fee Guides.

Clear: Erase all fees from the Fee Schedule, Clinic, Provider combination selected in Select Fees. A confirmation warning is displayed before fees are cleared.

Increase by %: Incrementally increase by a percentage all fees that meet Select Fees criteria. See Fees Increase for detailed steps.

Global Updates: Select a button to update fees or estimates for all treatment planned procedures.