CareCredit Setup

CareCredit is a credit card for financing healthcare expenses.

In Setup, Program Links, double-click CareCredit from

The CareCredit bridge integrates CareCredit with Open Dental. Users must be on support with Open Dental to use this feature.

Setup the CareCredit program link to begin using the integration.

Clinic Settings: This heading only appears when clinics is enabled. When clinics is not enabled, these settings relate to the practice. When clinics is enabled, these settings relate to the selected clinic.

The eConnector and Open Dental Service are required to utilize CareCredit and receive CareCredit Alerts.

Click OK to save settings. If Quickscreen is enabled, and CareCredit Approval Status has not been added to an Appointment View, you will be prompted to add it.

Batch Quickscreen

Batch Quickscreen is a CareCredit feature that pre-approves patients for financing. When enabled, Batch Quickscreen automatically attempts to pre-approve patients prior to their appointment. Batch Quickscreen is run at 7:15am Eastern Time each morning.

QuickScreen is enabled by default, but can be turned off by unchecking Enable Batch QuickScreen processing. Patients cannot individually opt out of QuickScreen.

The following information is required for patients to be screened: First Name, Last Name, Address, Zip Code, City, State, and Phone Number. Email, SSN, and Date of Birth are recommended but not required.

A patients Quickscreen status can be viewed in the Patient Information area of the Family Module or by adding the CareCredit Approval Status to the Appointment view.

Quickscreen statuses: