Report Setup: Report Server

A report server can be useful to large offices to prevent lockups and slowness in a live database.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Reports. Select the Report Server tab

Alternatively, in the Standard Reports window, click Setup. Select the Report Server tab.

  • The Report Server tab is not available for Open Dental Cloud users.
  • Always keep the report server database up-to-date so reports are run on current data.

Currently the report server can run the following:


Other Features:

Setting up the Report Server

To set up a report server, see One-Way Replication.

Use separate reporting server: Check to enable the connection settings.

Direct Connection: Select to connect via a direct connection.

(only if using MariaDB SkySQL) PEM path: If using a cloud-managed database system, enter the PEM filepath. File must be accessible from all workstations.

Middle Tier, URI: Select to connect via Middle Tier.