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Confirmation List

Manage confirmations of scheduled appointments using the Confirmation List. Track communication with patients, send batch emails, postcards, and text messages. To customize message text, postcard layout, and other default options see Recall and Confirmation List Setup

eConfirmations: This eService can automate your appointment confirmation process. It sends automated text and/or email confirmation messages prior to the scheduled appointment that also allow the patient to confirm, thus updating the appointment's confirmation status. See eConfirmations for more information.

Generate the Confirmation List
In the Appointments module, click the Appointment Lists button , then Confirmations.

When one family member is highlighted, all other family members will highlight in red text. To edit a patient's appointment, double click a row (see Edit Appointment).

Change what shows in the list: Select view options, then click Refresh to update results.

  • Click the dropdown in the upper left to select which appointments show:
    All: Include all appointments.
    Recall Only: Only include recall appointments (patient has at least one completed procedure and a scheduled appointment with a procedure marked Is Hygiene Procedure).
    Exclude Recall: Don't include recall appointments (patient has no completed procedures and/or no hygiene procedures).
    Hygiene Prescheduled: Only include appointments created more than two months before the Scheduled date. Find the appointment creation date using the audit trail on the Edit Appointment window.
  • From/To Date: Enter the date range of the list. It defaults to the next two business days.
  • Provider: Only view patients for a specific provider.
  • Clinic: If using Clinics, filter by clinic.

Confirmation List Grid

  • The Contact column lists the preferred method of confirmation set for the patient on the Edit Patient Information window. If 'None', Hm is the default.
    Mail = Mail, Hm = HmPhone, Wk = WkPhone, Cell = Wireless, Email address = Email, SeeNotes = See Notes, Text = Text Message.
  • Status can be used to track communication with the patient. Status options can be customized in Definitions, Appt Confirmed. The status affects the color of the confirmation circle in the appointment schedule. See Appointment Confirmation Status.
  • Right-click options:
    Select Patient: Select the patient only.
    See Chart: Select the patient and open the Chart module.
    Send to Pinboard: Select the patient, open the Appointments module, and place the appointment on the PinBoard to reschedule.

You can browse to other windows while the Confirmation List is open.

Manage Confirmations by Phone
Here are a few tips if you are calling patients to confirm upcoming appointments.

  • A phone number shows in the Contact column when the preferred confirmation method for a patient is None, HmPhone, WkPhone, or Wireless and a corresponding phone number has been entered.
  • To manually change appointment confirmation status, select the appointment(s), click the Set Status dropdown, then select a status. The option is grayed out if the user does not have the ApptConfirmStatusEdit Permission
  • Commlog entries should be made for every phone call so that you have a record of every attempt to contact the patient.
  • If a patient needs to reschedule, right click on the appointment, then click Send to Pinboard.
  • Click Print List to print the patient information exactly as it currently shows in the Confirmation List.

Send Confirmation Text Messages

  • Set up texting. See Integrated Texting.
  • Patients must have a wireless number and the patient must be set to accept text messages (see Edit Patient Information window, Text OK).
  • We also recommend setting the preferred confirmation method to TextMessage.

Customize the text message in Recall and Confirmation List Setup.

To send text message confirmations:

  1. Select specific patient appointments then click Text OR
    Click Text without selecting any patient appointments to automatically select patients with a preferred confirmation method of 'TextMessage', as long as their current appointment confirmation status doesn't match the 'Status for text messaged confimation' set in Recall and Confirmation Setup (e.g. 'Texted').
  2. A confirmation message will show. Click Yes to send a text message confirmation to selected patients.

The appointment confirmation status for each appointment will change to the text message default and a commlog will be generated for each text message sent: "Text message sent: [message]".

Note: Text messaging is not a secure method of sending PHI. See Encryption of Data in Transit.

Email Confirmations
Set the default email confirmation message text in Recall and Confirmation List Setup. Patients (or guarantor) must have an email address entered on the Edit Patient Information window. We recommend setting the preferred confirmation method to Email as well.

To send email confirmations:

  1. In the upper right select the 'from' email. The default is Practice/Clinic.
    • If a single practice, Practice/Clinic refers to the default email set in Email Setup.
    • If using clinics, Practice/Clinic refers to the email address of the patient's clinic (Clinic Setup). If there is no clinic email, the practice default is used.
  2. Select specific patient appointments then click E-Mail OR
    Click E-Mail without selecting patient appointments. All patients who have email as their preferred confirmation method are automatically selected.
  3. A confirmation message will appear. Click OK to create and send email confirmations for all selected patients. The confirmation status of the appointment will change to the email default.

Note: Regular email is not a secure method of sending PHI. See Encryption of Data in Transit.

Print Postcards
Define postcard layout and message options in Recall and Confirmation List Setup (number of card per sheet, offsets, message text). 

  1. Select specific patient appointments then click Postcard Preview OR
    Click Postcard Preview without selecting patient appointments. Every patient with Mail or 'none' as a preferred confirmation method will be selected and a preview of each postcard will generate. 
  2. Click Print to send the postcards to the Default Printer for postcards. A commlog is automatically generated for each patient with a note of "Confirmation postcard printed for [Name and Address]".

For postcards, we have found FormSource to have good service and reliability. See their Open Dental Health Care Form Price List

Print Labels
Address Labels can be printed on a standard sheet of 30.

  1. Select patients then click Label Preview to generate for selected patients only OR
    Click Label Preview without selecting patients to select all patients.
  2. Click Print to print to the default printer for 'Labels - Sheet'.

Confirmation Reports
You can create a customized Confirmation Report and send the data to a simple text file. From there, you can merge it with any Word template to print your own customized postcards, letters, etc.

  1. Click Run Report.

  1. Highlight the fields to include in the report, then click OK.
  2. On the Query window, click Export and save the file to another location.


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