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Appointment Confirmation Status

A small circle can be added to an appointment box to indicate an appointment's confirmation status (e.g. confirmed, unconfirmed, called, emailed).

Define Confirmation Status Options
Confirmation status options and colors can be defined in Definitions, Appt Confirmed.

  1. In the main menu, click Setup, Definitions.
  2. Highlight Appt Confirmed.
  3. Click Add or double click a status to edit.

  1. Name: Enter the confirmation status.
  2. Abbrev: Enter the abbreviation of the status.
  3. Color: Click the color box to associate a color with this status (the color of the circle when an appointment has this status).
  4. eConfirmations: Set whether this status should affect the sending of eConfirmations or the automatic update of confirmation status.
    Exclude when sending: When checked, appointments with this status will not be sent eConfirmations.
    Exclude when confirming: When checked, appointments with this status will not have their status updated if an eConfirmation is sent.
  5. eReminders / Exclude when sending: Set whether this status should affect the sending of eReminders. When checked, appointments with this status will not be sent eReminders.
  6. Click OK to save.

The status listed first is the default for all new appointments, thus usually 'Unconfirmed' is the first status listed. To remove a confirmation status as an option in various areas, check Hidden.

A typical color pattern for confirmed statuses could be as follows:
Not Called: White
Unconfirmed: Red
Confirmed: Green
Left Message: Yellow
Arrived: Orange
Ready to go back: Purple
In Tx Room: Blue
Front Desk: Gray

Show the Confirmation Circle in the Appointment Box
To show the confirmation circle, add it to the Appointment View.

  1. In the main menu, click Setup, Appointments, Appointment Views. Select the view.
  2. Add Confirmed Color to the Rows Displayed and select the location (e.g. Upper Right Corner).

Questions and Answers
Reset confirmation status? popup:
This popup can appear when moving an appointment. Three criteria must be in place before this popup will appear:

  1. The appointment is scheduled on any date other than today.
  2. On the Edit Appointment window, the selected confirmation status is not the first status in the dropdown list.
  3. The appointment is being moved to a new time on the same day.

What changes an appointment's confirmation status? Only users with the Appointment Confirmation Status Edit Permission can change the confirmation status. Changes to confirmation status are logged in the Audit Trail.

  • Manually changing status via the Confirmation List.
  • Sending a postcard, email, or text message from the Confirmation List.
  • Sending or receiving an automated eConfirmation.
  • When a patient responds to an eConfirmation with a confirmation code or via a URL link.
  • Changing the Confirmed option on the Edit Appointment window.
  • Changing the confirmation status in the Appointments module.


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