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Clinic Names, Contact Info, and Defaults

When using Clinics, each clinic can have different names, contact info, addresses, and default providers and place of service. The clinics you define will be the options in Clinic dropdowns throughout the program.

In the main menu, click Lists, Clinics.

Sort Order: The order of clinics here affects the order in other dropdowns throughout the program.

  • By default clinics are sorted in the order they are created.
  • To sort clinics alphabetically by abbreviation, check Order Alphabetical. This will disable the up/down buttons and all new clinics will be sorted alphabetically.
  • To manually reorder clinics, uncheck 'Order Alphabetical'. Highlight a clinic, then click the Up/Down arrows.

By default, all clinics that have been set up list under Clinics. To hide clinics that have been marked 'Is hidden', uncheck the Show Hidden box.

Add or Edit a Clinic

  1. Click Add or double click an existing clinic to edit information.

  1. Enter clinic information:
    Is Medical: Show a non-dental interface when this clinic is selected in the Main Menu. See Non-Dental Practice / Clinic.
    Clinic ID: A system generated unique identifier that is useful for third party reporting.
    External ID:
    A customizable identifier that can be used for mapping purposes.
    The clinic identifying abbreviation that will show in dropdowns and pick lists throughout Open Dental. Choose to show the clinic abbreviation instead of the description in the title bar in Miscellaneous Setup.
    Description: The clinic's name. It will show on statements, letters, claims, etc.
    Phone, Fax: The clinic's phone and fax number.
    Region: The clinic's region. Customize options in Definitions, Regions.

    Hide from Insurance Verification List: If using the Insurance Verification List, check this box to exclude this clinic's appointments when running the list.

    Physical Treating Address: The address of the physical location where treatment is performed (used on the clinic's Statements).
    Billing Address: The billing address. Check 'Use on Claims' to use this address on e-claims and printed claims. It cannot be a PO Box.
    Pay To Address tab: The address where insurance payment should be sent. It can be a PO box. In 5010 e-claims it is sent with the billing address. On printed claims, it will override the billing address.
    Note: For the logic that determines what addresses are sent on printed and electronic claims, see Addresses on Claims.

    Clinic Email Address: Click [...] to select the clinic's Email address.
    Bank Account Number: The default bank account number to use for this clinic's Deposits.

    Default Insurance Billing Provider Set the default provider for this clinic's claims. 
    Default Practice Provider: The default provider set in Practice Setup.
    Treating Provider: The treating provider. See Claims, Treating Provider for logic that determines who the treating dentist is.
    Specific Provider: A specific provider.

    Default Clinic Provider: Select the provider that will be the default primary provider for the clinic's new patients (Procedures - Misc tab).

    Default Proc Place of Service: The default place of service assigned to procedures for this clinic (Procedures - Misc tab).  This will give you accurate public health reports about the exact clinic and place of service where each procedure is performed (useful for mobile vans or nursing homes). Usually for Public Health only. If using mobile vans, you can also use Sites to track schools or community locations where a service is performed.

    Speciality: The clinic's specialty. Options can be set up in Definitions - Clinic Specialities.
  1. Click OK to save.

Hiding a Clinic: To remove a clinic as a selection option in various dropdowns throughout Open Dental, mark it as 'Is hidden'.
Note: When a user only has access to a single clinic, that clinic cannot be hidden until the user restriction is removed. See Security User Profiles.


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