Web Sched New Patient: What Patient Sees

When using Web Sched New Patient, what a patient sees depends on the selected settings.

Patient Prompts

Questions and prompts that appear are determined by settings selected by the office and how the previous prompt was answered by the patient.

View Openings

After clicking View Openings, patients can select the date and time of their appointment.

Patient Information

Patients and Guardians will be prompted to enter contact information.

Schedule Appointment

Depending on selected settings, patients may be prompted to enter additional information. See below for details.

Once all information has been entered, the patient will click Schedule Appointment. A confirmation will display.

Select Provider

If Allow patients to select provider is enabled in Web Sched New Patient setup, a provider selection will display above the calendar.

Patient Authentication

If Email or Text is selected under Web Sched New Patient Authentication in Web Sched Advanced Setup, the patient will be prompted to verify their identity.

The patient will retrieve the code, then enter it in the Verification Code field. The code is not case-sensitive and is only valid as long as the Enter Verification Code window is open.

Carrier Rules

If Web Sched Carrier Rules are enabled, the patient will be prompted to select an insurance carrier.

After selecting their appointment date and time, the patient will be prompted to enter additional insurance infomation.

Carrier details will display as an appointment note on the scheduled appointment.

In Open Dental

After an appointment is scheduled via Web Sched New Patient:

Use the Web Sched Appointments Report to view and track appointments scheduled using Web Sched.