Web Sched ASAP

Use Web Sched ASAP to quickly send email and/or text messages to patients on the ASAP List about last minute appointment openings.

In the ASAP List, send Web Sched ASAP messages.

Messages include a clickable link patients can use to accept and reschedule their ASAP appointment. Patients also have the option to decline.


To send a Web Sched ASAP message:

  1. In the Appointments Module, right-click on the available time slot, then select Text ASAP List. The ASAP List will open.
  2. Change the Web Sched ASAP settings on the right if needed, then click Send.
  3. In the Send Web Sched ASAP Alerts window, verify the Send Mode and message, then send.
  4. A blockout will appear on the schedule so staff is aware a Web Sched ASAP message has been sent to fill the available time.


All appointments whose length fits within the Start/End time will be selected by default. Information about the available time slot will show at the right in the Web Sched ASAP section.

Highlighted patients will receive the Web Sched ASAP notification. Click Send to proceed.

Send Mode

Send Mode: Select how to send the notification. Send Details will change based on the selected option and additional details about send time will show in the upper right.

Send Details will indicate what each patient will receive based on the selections and notes to explain the logic. Verify the message text and click Send to transmit messages.

Text Message Text: Review and edit the message sent on the text as needed. The default message can be edited in ASAP Message Setup.

Email Message Text: Review and edit the message sent on emails. The default message can be edited in ASAP Message Setup.

Click Send to message the selected patients.

Web Sched ASAP Blockouts

In the Appointment Module, a blockout will show on the available opening to indicate a Web Sched ASAP notification has been sent about the opening.

Web Sched ASAP Blockouts do not follow traditional blockout behavior. They cannot be edited and are informational only.

These blockouts can be deleted by right-clicking on them and selecting Delete Web Schedule ASAP Blockout.

Send Details Logic

Text Messages:

Emails: Emails are sent immediately when Send is clicked. They do not adhere to the automated eServices schedule.

Text and Emails: Notifications only are sent if the available opening is at least 20 minutes after the send time of the text and/or email.