Web Sched ASAP History

When using Web Sched ASAP, track messages that have been as well as actions taken by the patient.

On the ASAP List, click History.

Note: The History button only displays when using Web Sched ASAP.

From / To: Select the date range of messages to view, based on the Date Entry. Click the down arrow to select a date from a calendar; click the arrow again to close the calendar.

Clinic: Filter messages by clinic.

Web Sched ASAP Messages: A list of Web Sched ASAP messages that meet the filter criteria. For each message, the following details show. Use the horizontal scroll bar to view details not initially visible.

Appointment slots filled: The number of available time slots that were filled by patients rescheduling online via Web Sched ASAP.

Texts sent: The number of Web Sched ASAP text messages that were sent.