SMS Warning Amount

In eServices Signup, at the top, there is an SMS Warning area.

In the SMS Warning Amount field, enter a new warning amount.

The Warning Amount is an estimate of how much each location (clinic) would like to spend on outgoing text messages per month. This amount is per clinic and applies to every clinic. Once the amount is reached each month, you will be unable to manually send text messages until the amount is increased or a new billing cycle begins.

Example: If $20 is the amount and there are three clinics, each clinic has an amount of $20, but the total amount will equal $60.

Note: The SMS Warning Amount does not apply to or stop automated eReminders, eConfirmations, or Web Sched Recall text messages.

To change the amount, you must currently be on support.

Note: The eConnector must be running at all times to track messages sent. If it is not running, text messages can be sent, but tracking information will be inaccurate and customer replies will not be recorded.