Text Messaging Mailbox

Use the Text Messaging Mailbox to view the history of sent and received text messages.

In the Main Toolbar, click the Text dropdown. Select an option.

The option selected in the dropdown determines which messages can be viewed upon opening:

From this window, users can also reply to messages, block numbers, and attach unassigned messages to patients.


Use the filters to determine which messages display.

Date From / To: Show text messages sent or received within a specific date range.

Patient: Filter by patient.

Hidden / Received / Sent: Check to show Hidden, Received, and Sent messages.

Group Messages By:

Clinics: Filter by one or more clinics.

Click Refresh to update the results.

Text Messages Grid

The grid results update based on filters set above.

Up to 100 messages display at a time. When there are more than 100 messages, use the navigation arrows above the grid to scroll through pages. Bold messages indicate unread messages. Click any header to sort.

Right-click options: These options are only available when Group Messages By is set to None.

View Messages

Click on a row to view the conversation thread on the right.

Sent and received messages with the patient will display. Messages sent to patients will include a status in gray of Delivered, Sent, or Not Delivered.

To send a reply, enter the message then click Send. The character and message count will update.

If the monthly texting limit is reached, users will be prompted to increase the limit in the SMS Warning Amount.

If a message has a failed status, see Integrated Texting Troubleshooting to troubleshoot why.