Tasks Preferences

Task Preferences allow users to customize global Task settings, local computer default settings, and set up Task inboxes.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Tasks.

Global settings

Inbox Setup: Set up user inboxes. See Task List and Inbox.

Show legacy repeating tasks: This is checked by default if repeating Tasks existed prior to updating to 16.3. Otherwise the box is unchecked by default. See Repeating Task Lists (Legacy).

Always show task list

New/Viewed status tracked by individual user

Show open tasks for user

Default to sorting appointment type task lists by AptDate Time: Set the sort order for Tasks Lists that have an object type of appointment. To change this setting for the current user only see Tasks, Options button.

Default Filter for Tasks in Lists: Only available when Clinics are enabled. Allows users to filter the Task List by the clinic associated with the patient or appointment on the Task.

Note: If a Task is attached to an appointment, it is filtered by the clinic assigned to the appointment. If the Task is assigned to a patient, it is filtered by the patient's clinic. If the Object Type is None, the Task is not filtered.

Image category folder for attachments: Select which Image Category task attachments save to. Options only include Image Categories marked as Task Attachments. To add a folder, see Definitions: Image Categories. For details on adding a Task attachment, see Task Attachments.

Local computer default settings

These options affect the current workstation only.

Don't show on this computer

Dock Right / Dock Bottom: Determines where the Tasks Area is docked when set to show in all modules.