Web Forms: What Patient Sees

In Web Form Setup, click Navigate to URL(s).

There are slight differences between desktop and mobile views. The view is responsive and will automatically detect the user's device (desktop computer or mobile device) and adapt accordingly.

Desktop View:

Mobile View:

Other details:


Some of my customers are unable to view my web forms on mobile devices (e.g. cell phones) without scrolling to the right.

This occurs because the sheet the web form is based on has a fixed width (in pixels) that is too large for the screen size. Some workaround options include:

In Mobile View, when a patient clicks (Add text) the screen darkens and patient is forced to scroll way down to find the text entry popup.

You have most likely embedded your web form in an iFrame. 2 options.

Would a patient (or parent/guardian) be able to digitally sign a web-based consent form?

The practice would do better to have the patient (or parent/guardian) complete the document online, then sign it in the office, rather than online.