Procedure - Financial Tab

In a Procedure, at the bottom, is the Financial tab.

This tab shows insurance estimates and payments, patient payments, attached adjustments, and any procedure discounts.

Insurance Estimates and Payments

Each entry row is a Claim Procedure. Estimates are usually automatic based on the Insurance Plan. If an estimate doesn't look right or is missing, first make sure the insurance plan is set up correctly.

If the insurance plan is correct but you still need to make a change, there are some situations where you can manually edit an estimate.

To manually add an estimate:

  1. Click Add Estimate.
  2. Select the insurance plan, then click OK to open the Edit Claim Procedure Window.
  3. Enter the estimate information and click OK.

Adding an estimate to a procedure on an insurance plan that already has an estimate will open the existing estimate.

Patient Payments

Payment splits in Patient Payments that are attached to this procedure will list. Double click to edit.

Procedures with paysplits attached cannot have their status changed from completed unless the total of paysplits attached equals zero.


Adjustments can be only added to completed procedures.

To edit an adjustment, double click it.

Procedure Discounts

TP Procedure Discount applied at the treatment plan level show, or a specific dollar amount can also be entered. When the procedure is set complete, discounts will show as adjustments.