Family Balancer Tool

See Database Maintenance Tools.

The Family Balancer Tool is used to recreate income transfers and allocations in your database using First In First Out (FIFO) logic. This means that income is allocated towards the oldest production items on the Family account first which may result in differing individual balances, with the family balance itself remaining unchanged. See Income Transfer Manager for more information on the logic that the Family Balancer Tool uses.

Does Your Office Need the Family Balancer Tool?

The Family Balancer Tool affects accounts across your entire database, and may not be necessary in all scenarios. Before resorting to the Family Balancer Tool, your staff may be able to clean up accounts manually using Income Transfer Manager, Allocate Unearned Income, and/or manual Income Transfer.

The Family Balancer Tool may be the right tool for offices

Preparing for your Appointment

Auditing Reports

We highly recommend auditing the following reports to ensure the Family Balancer Tool runs as intended. If the reports are not cleaned up prior to the appointment, they can be addressed after the tool has been run.

Selecting Dates

The Family Balancer Tool recreates income transfers for accounts through a specified date. We generally suggest running the Family Balancer Tool with one of the following as of dates:

Scheduling and Completing the Family Balancer Appointment

After the Final Family Balancer Appointment

Your office may still need to manually clean up or allocate some accounts, especially those with outstanding claims or procedures not billed to insurance, procedures overpaid by insurance, or accounts with payment plans.