Procedures Overpaid Report

In Standard Reports, in the Monthly section, click Procedures Overpaid.

The Procedures Overpaid report lists individual procedures that have been overpaid by insurance, the patient, a write-off, or an adjustment.

Note: To control user access to this report, see Report Setup: Security Permissions.

From / To: Enter the date range the procedure was set complete.

Providers: Select the providers attached to the procedure.

Exclude if no Insurance Payment/Write-off: Check to include only overpaid procedures attached to an insurance payment or write-off. Procedures overpaid due to adjustments or patient payments only will be excluded.

Clinics: If using clinics, select which clinic to filter by.

Patient: By default, will enter the patient that is currently selected.

Click Refresh for filters to take effect.

Click Print to print the grid.