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Web Sched Recall Setup

This page explains how to set up Web Sched Recall.

Before the service can be enabled and customized, the following steps are required:

  1. Contact Open Dental technical support to sign up.
  2. Update to the latest stable version.
  3. Set up the eConnector (only needs to be done once, shared by all eServices).
  4. Complete Recall Setup steps.

To set up Web Sched for new patient appointments, see Web Sched New Patient Appts.

Enable the Web Sched Recall

  1. In the main menu, click eServices, Web Sched, then Recalls tab.

  1. In the lower right, click Enable.

Once the service is enabled, both the Sign Up and Enable buttons are no longer visible.

Define Operatories Considered and Recall, Time Slot, and Automation Preferences
For Web Sched to work for recall appointments, the criteria for available openings, providers, and recall itself must be set up. Automated reminders are also an option. To make sure recall in general is set up properly, see Recall General Setup.

On the Web Sched, Recalls tab, set the following options:

  1. Operatories: Verify the operatories that will be considered when determining available time slots. All operatories marked as 'Is Web Sched' are listed. Double click a row to change settings in Operatory Setup.
  2. Recall Types: Verify the Recall Type intervals, time patterns, and appointment length. Web Sched Recall notifications are only sent for 'special type' recalls. Double click a row to change settings in Recall Type Setup.
  3. Recall Setup: Click to customize the WebSched reminder emailed to patients who are due for a recall appointment (see Recall List Setup). There are three WebSched messages (one for each reminder). By default, the text is the same in each message.

    To change a subject or message, double click on it. There are several variables that can be used:
    • NameF: Patient's first name.
    • DueDate: The date the patient is due for an appointment.
    • OfficePhone: Practice phone number.
    • URL: The unique link the patient will click to schedule their appointment. Make sure your message includes this variable.
  4. Time Slots: Select how provider will affect available time slots.
    • First Available: Show available time slots for all providers.
    • Primary Provider: Show only available time slots for the patient's primary provider.
    • Secondary Provider: Show only available time slots for the patient's secondary provider.
    • Last Seen Hygienist: Show only available time slots for the last hygienist seen by the patient.
  5. Automated Web Sched Recall reminders: This optional service automatically emails a Web Sched Recall reminder when a recall reminder is due.

    To turn off automated Web Sched Recall reminders, select Do Not Send.

    To turn on automated Web Sched Recall reminders, select one of the following options:
    • Patients with email addresses: Send automated recall reminders to any patient with an email address, regardless of preferred recall method.
    • Patients with email address and no other preferred recall method is selected: Send automated recall reminders to patients with email addresses only if no other preferred recall method is selected (e.g. none).
    • Patients with email addresses and email is selected as their preferred recall method: Send automated recall reminders to patients with an email address who have email as their preferred recall method.

Note: To receive a Web Sched Recall reminder, patients must have an email address entered. We recommend setting their Preferred Recall Method to Email as well.

  1. Run Times: Set the run time for all automated reminders. The run time determines the hours during which an automated reminder can be sent. Click the Miscellaneous tab to set start/end times. See Automated eServices Schedule.

Preview Available Time Slots
Under Available Times for Patients, preview open time slots for a specific recall type, provider, and/or clinic. Matching results for up to one month will list.

  • Date: The date of the first previewed opening (start date). Click Today to insert today's date.
  • Recall Type: View open slots for a specific recall type.
  • Provider: View open slots for a specific provider.
  • Clinic:View open slots for a specific clinic.

Web Sched Recall Logic
Below are details and information that affect Web Sched Recall openings, provider assignment, and appointment details.


  • Providers are assigned based on the operatory the appointment is scheduled in (the provider of the operatory for the time block). It is therefore important to assign a default provider to the operatory and/or assign the operatory to the provider's schedule time block.
  • The provider's Schedule should extend as far into the future as you want to schedule appointments. You can't schedule recall appointments 6 months in the future if there is no schedule set 6 months out.


  • The appointment schedule's Time Increment affects appointment start/end.
  • Recall type time pattern determines appointment length
  • Recall type procedures determine the procedures on the appointment.

Available time slots:

  • Only operatories marked as 'Is Web Sched' are considered.
  • Blockouts are not considered 'available' time.
  • There can be multiple operatories with openings. If an appointment is scheduled using 'First Available' provider as the criteria, the operatory on the farthest left of the schedule (order of 1) is selected.

Clinics: It is important to assign patients to a clinic (Edit Patient Information window). Web Sched will first check for available openings in operatories of the patient's clinic. If the patient has no clinic, it will look at operatories for the clinic of the last scheduled or completed appointment. If no clinic can be determined, only time slots in operatories assigned to no clinic are considered (operratories flagged 'Is Web Sched' with 'None' as the clinic).

Web Sched Recall: What the Patient Sees.


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