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eServices Miscellaneous Tab

On the eServices Setup window, the Miscellaneous tab allows you to set the run time for all automated notifications and access the old Mobile Synch area.

To open, in the main menu, click eServices, eConnector, then Miscellaneous tab.

Automated eServices Schedule
The eServices schedule determines the time interval window during which eMessages (Web Sched Recall, eReminders, and eConfirmations) are sent. The eConnector must also be running.

  • Start Time: The earliest a due message will be sent.
  • End Time: The latest a due message will be sent.

eMessages due after the End time each day will be sent at the End time.
Same day eReminders that are due within one hour of the Start time (or before) will be sent one hour before the appointment, regardless of Start time.


  • To send messages at all hours of the day, regardless of time, set the Start and End time to the exact same time.
  • When sending eReminders for same day appointments, you may want to set a Start time that is several hours before the first appointment of each day. Example: To always send an eReminder three hours before 9 a.m. appointments, set the Start time to 6 a.m.
  • To preview 24 hour run times, change your workstation clock settings to 24 HR.

Show Mobile Synch (old-style)
Click to access the old mobile synch interface. See Mobile Synch old-style.


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