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Web Sched Recall: What the Patient Sees

Below is a description of what happens when a practice sends Web Sched Recall reminders to patients (automated or manual) and the patients goes online to schedule. One reminder for each recall appointment is sent to the patient's Authorized Representative. Each reminder contains a clickable link that is patient-specific based on patient number. 

To schedule an appointment, the patient will follow these steps:

  1. Open the reminder and click on the link in the message text to open Web Sched Recall in a browser.

  • Practice or clinic name, address, and phone number: Based on the information entered in Practice Setup or Clinic Setup (patient's default clinic).
  • Patient info: Only the patient's first name and age shows. If the patient is over 89, '89+' shows. No PHI is displayed (see HIPAA).
  • Calendar: Shows the first available time slots available for new patient appointments, based on criteria set in Web Sched Recall Setup.
  1. Select an appointment date. Available time slots will show.
  2. Select a time slot.
  3. Click Finalize Appt.
  4. A confirmation message will show. To confirm, click Yes. To return to the list of available dates, click No.

  1. If Yes, a confirmation of the now scheduled appointment will show.

  1. Close the browser to end the session.

In Open Dental

Note: Once an appointment is scheduled it cannot be changed in Web Sched. If a patient reopens the email link, they will be notified an appointment has alread been booked.


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