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The Alert menu option in the Main Menu notifies the logged-on user of new alerts they are subscribed to.

Subscribe Users to Alerts
Set up Alert Categories

When there are new, unread alerts, the Alert menu item highlights yellow and indicates the number of active alerts.

Hover over an alert to see additional options. The options vary depending on the alert.

  • Open... : Open a window to perform an action related to the alert.
  • Mark as Read: Mark the alert as read, but do not remove it.
  • Delete Alert: Remove the alert. It will no longer show for any user.
Example Alert Type Description
Open Dental Service Error Generic General alerts from Open Dental (tips, new features, update notifications).
Pending Online Payments: 4 Online Payments Pending Notifies user that there are Pending Online Payments that need processed in Open Dental.
Radiology Orders: 2 Radiology Orders Alerts the logged-on EHR provider that there are upcoming Radiology Orders that need approved (mark CPOE).
Patient would like a callback regarding this appointment: Sally Smith on 12/11/2017 Patient Requests Callback Notifies user about patients who have requested a callback about an eConfirmation. Alert is deleted once an appointment's confirmation status is no longer the 'Not Accepted' status, or if the appointment is no longer scheduled.
The Web Sched New Pat feature now asks patients questions to verify patient information... Web Sched New Patient General informational alerts about the Web Sched New Patient eService.
New WebSched Appointment: 11/22/2017 2:00:00 PM Web Sched New Pat Appointment Created Alerts user about appointments that have been scheduled by new patients via Web Sched New Patient. Click eServices Web Sched New Pat Appt to view the appointments in the Web Sched Appointments Report.
Number Barred From Texting: Changed Text Message OK to No because the carrier responded that this number is invalid... Numbers Barred from Texting Notifies user about wireless phone numbers that have rejected text messages. These patients have automatically had their Text Message OK status changed to No.
eConnector services are being run on these computers: Multiple eConnectors Notifies user that multiple computers are running an instance of the eConnector. Only one computer should run the eConnector.

Subscribe Users to Alerts
To receive an alert, the logged-on user must be subscribed to the alert categories for the selected clinic (when using Clinics). To subscribe a user to alert categories:

  1. In the main menu, click Setup, Security, then double click on the user.
  2. In the User Edit window, click the Alert Subs tab.

  1. User Alert Subscriptions: Highlight the alert categories to subscribe the user to. Click and drag, or press Ctrl while clicking to select multiple categories.
  2. Clinics Subscribed: If using Clinics, highlight the clinics the user will see alerts for. Take into consideration any clinic restrictions (set in the Clinics tab). Users can only see clinic alerts when they have access to the clinic.
  3. Click OK to save.

Set up Alert Categories
Alerts can be grouped into categories, which can then be assigned to users. Custom categories can be added, alerts within a custom category can be edited, and custom categories can be deleted.

In the main menu, click Setup, Alert Categories.

A list of internal groupings show at left. Customized alert categories show on the right. Only customized alert categories can be edited.

  • All: All alerts.
  • eServices: Alerts about an eService.

Add an alert category: Highlight an internal alert category, then click Copy. Or highlight a custom alert category and click Duplicate. The new category will list under Custom.

Edit the alerts in a category

  1. Double click a custom alert.

  1. Highlight the alerts to attach to the category. Deselect the alerts you do not want attached to the category.
  2. Click OK to save.

Note: Each custom alert category has a child/parent relationship with the internal category it was 'copied' from. Thus, if a new alert is added to an internal category (the parent), the alert is also automatically added to the custom category (the child).

Delete an alert category

  1. Double click a custom alert.
  2. Click Delete.

If alerts are not updating, make sure OpenDentalService.exe is installed in the Service Manager.

If using Clinics, only alerts for the currently selected clinic show, and only when the logged on user is subscribed to the alert category.


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