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Secure Web Mail

Secure web mail allows providers to exchange private, secure messages with patients using the Patient Portal.

How it works:

  1. Provider sends a secure web mail to a patient. 
  2. The patient receives an insecure email notification indicating that a secure message is waiting for them in the portal.
  3. The patient logs in to the portal using their credentials to view the secure message.   See Patient Portal: What the Patient Sees

Messages sent to providers via the portal are only visible to the provider. The messages will show in the Email Inbox when the provider is logged on to Open Dental.

The following is required to use secure web mail.

To send secure web mail, the patient must have an email and be assigned a primary provider on the Edit Patient Information window.
To view secure web mail sent by a patient, a provider must be Logged On.

Secure Web Mails: Send, View, Reply

You can also use secure web mail and the portal to Send Secure Messages to another Provider.


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