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eServices: General Troubleshooting

Below is some general troubleshooting help if you experience issues with eServices.

For steps that relate to a specific eService, refer to the service's troubleshooting page.
eReminder and eConfirmation Troubleshooting
Integrated Texting Troubleshooting
Mobile Web Troubleshooting
Patient Portal Troubleshooting
Web Sched Troubleshooting
Signup Portal Troubleshooting


  • Important: The server where the eConnector is installed needs to remain on at all times because the communication between our secure servers and your office relies on the Open Dental eConnector service. If the server is turned off, it disconnects our ability to communicate until it is turned back on.
  • eServices that use a browser cannot be accessed on Windows Phones.
  • At this time, the eConnector is not compatible with Linux or Mac.

eServices Down Alert (not working)
When eServices go down, you may notice the following.

  • An eConnector Down alert (main menu, Alerts).
  • eServices menu item is red (17.3 and earlier).
  • Can't load a page (e.g. patient portal, mobile app, web sched)
  • Unable to send or receive text messages.
  • eConnector service appears to be started, but eServices aren't working and eConnector history is blank.
  • On the eConnector window, status of service is 'critical'.
  • In the Service Manager, the service has a status of 'installed, stopped'.

To fix, follow these steps in this order. If one step doesn't fix the issue, proceed to the next.

  1. Check your internet connection and make sure the computer (and server if different) is always on.
  2. Check that the service is running. In the Service Manager, check the service Status. If it is not 'running', click Start.
  3. If that doesn't work, check these options:
    a. In the Service Manager, stop the eConnector service.
    b. In the Main Menu, click eServices, eConnector Service.
    c. Verify that 'Allow eConnector to communicate for eServices' is checked and click Save.
    d. Wait a few seconds then restart the eConnector in Service Manager.
  4. Reinstall Open Dental.
    a. In the Service Manager, stop the service.
    b. On the computer that hosts the service, browse to server's OpenDentImages folder, right click on Setup.exe and run as administrator.
    c. Restart the service.
    d. In the Misc Setup set the Update Server Name to the name of the computer that hosts the service so all future updates occur from this computer.
  5. In the Service Manager, uninstall the eConnector. Then reinstall it manually. See eConnector, Install eConnector Manually.
  6. Check your Firewall settings. See Firewall Troubleshooting.
  7. Check for errors in the eConnector log files(C:\Program Files (x86)\Open Dental\OpenDentalEConnector\Logger).

Note: If eServices appear to be working on some workstations, but not others (e.g. alerts on some machines and not others), time differences between workstations and the eConnector host server can be the cause. Workstations that are not time synced to the eConnector server will show that eServices are down when they are not. To resolve this issue, change the time on the workstation to match the server

eConnector Error Alert
Open Dental may generate an eConnector Error alert because of the following issues

  • You do not have a static IP address. Contact your ISP to get a static IP address.
  • Recent loss of internet service (e.g. if you turned off the computer hosting the service).

In version 17.3 and earlier, these issues caused the eServices menu item to turn yellow. To remove the alert, mark it as read or delete it, or acknowledge errors on the eServices Setup Window by clicking Ack.

General Service Error Messages
Could not reach HQ. Please make sure you have an internet connection and try again or call support. Unable to connect to the remote server.
Ports 49999, 50000, and 500002 may need to be forwarded or whitelisted.

error code 200
Solution: This can occur when trying to access a web page in the patient portal, mobile web or web sched, but the link has been edited in the browser. Retype the URL in the browser address bar using the exact URL provided for the eService in eServices Setup. If the issue persists, contact us.

Failed to access registry
Solution: This can occur during installation of eConnector. Log into Windows as a user with higher privileges (e.g. administrator) or Manually Install the eConnector.

Failed upgrading to the eConnector service: Unable to install the service.
Solution: Run the Open Dental setup file on the eConnector host computer and try the installation process again.

Listener Version does not match Program Version
Solution: The service was not stopped prior to updating Open Dental. In the Service Manager, stop the eConnector, then reinstall Open Dental.

Message from: server - Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts
Solution: Try to start the eConnector manually.

Internet Explorer can't display this page
Solution: Use a different browser.

This is not an error...
Solution: Ignore this error.

Inner Thread Loop Failed
Solution: Ignore this error.

ValidatePatientPortal registraton failed
Solution: This indicates that registration failed due to the previous error in the Event Viewer list. Check the previous error to troubleshoot.

(in a logger folder) Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Solution: Update to the latest stable version.

No immortal socket connection found for RegistrationKeyNum...
Solution: Open Dental headquarters cannot communicate with your eConnector. Follow the "eServices are not working" steps at the top of this page.

Error: MethodWebSchedRSs, unknown method: GetHeaderInfo.
Solution: Re-run setup file for current OpenDental version on server. There are likely missing .dll files for the eConnector that were missed on the initial update.

Access Issues
Problem: I recently changed my Listener Port or my IP address. Now I am unable to access eServices.

Solution: If you have bookmarked the long version of the URL used by the eService, it may be causing this issue. (e.g. for Patient Portal or Mobile Web), this may be causing the issue. This was a version related issue. We recommend updating to the latest stable version or bookmarking the short URL instead. Typically the short URL generated by Open Dental will look something like this: https://www.patientviewer.com/?ID=abc123.

Firewall Troubleshooting
There are often issues communicating through firewalls when eServices are set up on a host computer. Below are some instructions for making an exception in the Windows Firewall to allow communication. Make an exception in the Window Firewall for the eConnector application. See Allowing eConnector through the Windows Firewall


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