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Adjustments are used by the Billing/Finance Charges tool, Broken Appointments Automation, Discount Plan, and Sales Tax tool. They are used to create additional charges or reduce charges on a patient account. They are always attached to a single patient, provider and clinic and can be optionally attached to a procedure. By default, Open Dental assigns the adjustment to the patient’s clinic and primary provider and affect the assigned clinic and provider’s production. If a procedure is attached to an adjustment or the adjustment is added through the Procedure Info window, the adjustment is instead, assigned to the procedure’s clinic and provider.

To change the default clinic and provider assignment, see Enforce Valid Adjustments, Account Module Preference. Review other Account and Appointment Module Preferences to determine the behavior and logic where adjustments are used. Also setup custom Adjustment Types in Definitions for more available options when adding adjustments and to assign specific types to module preferences. Use the Daily Adjustments Report to report on custom types.

Add a Single Adjustment

The three ways below use the Edit Adjustments window to create a single adjustment.

Add Multiple Adjustments

To add adjustments to multiple procedures:
  1. From the Account module toolbar, click the Adjustment drop down and select Add Multiple.

Or highlight multiple procedures then right-click and select Add Adjustment.

The Add Multiple Adjustments window will open.

  1. Enter the Adjustment Info.


  • The amount will apply to all selected procedures. To apply a different fixed amount to each procedure, do one procedure at a time or update an individual adjustment once it has been added. See step 4 below.
  • Provider and clinic Override will default to the selected procedures regardless of the Enforce Valid Adjustments account module preference enabled. To edit when Enforce Fully is enabled, double click on the adjustment from the Patient Account (user must have the Setup security permission).
  1. Enter a Note that will be applied to all selected procedures.
  2. Highlight Available Procedures to apply the adjustment to then click Add Adjustments. If no procedures are selected, a single adjustment will be created with the adjustment info entered when clicking OK.
    • To edit one or more applied adjustments, highlight the adjustment from the Available Procedures with Adjustments list, change the adjustment info and note, then click Update.
    • To delete one or more applied adjustments, highlight the adjustment from the Available Procedures with Adjustments list and click Delete.
  3. Click OK to post the adjustments to the patient’s account.


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