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To add an adjustment, in the Account module, click Adjustment.

Adjustments are always attached to a single patient and Provider and can be optionally attached to a procedure.  The adjustment can be an addition or a subtraction to the account. Adjustments are reportable. See Reports.

Entry Date: The date the adjustment entry was created. It cannot be changed.
Adjustment Date: It is advised to make this date the same as the date of the payment or procedure it relates to.
(procedure date): The date of the procedure attached to this adjustment.

Amount: The amount of the adjustment.

Provider: Click the dropdown or [...] to attach a provider. If using Clinics and providers are restricted to clinics in Security, only providers available for the selected clinic are options.

Clinic:  Only shows if Clinics is turned on. Defaults to the patient's clinic set in the Edit Patient Information window. Click the dropdown to change.

Adjustment Types:  Options are customizable in Definitions, Adj Types.
Additions:  An Addition type adds a charge for the adjustment amount to the patient's account (adds the amount to the balance). 
Subtractions: A Subtraction type adds a credit for the adjustment to the patient's account (subtracts the amount from the balance). 

Procedure: (optional) Attach a completed procedure to the adjustment. Click Attach to open a list of completed procedures, then double click to select. Procedure and fee details will show. Click Detach to remove the association to a procedure. Set whether attaching a procedure is required or optional in Account Module Preferences, 'Force users to attach procedures to adjustments). Adjustments can also be attached to procedures at the procedure level. See Procedure Info - Financial Tab.

Note:  Enter any notes about the adjustment.

Delete: Remove the adjustment from the patient's account.

OK: Save changes made to this window.

Cancel: Close the window without saving any changes.


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