In the Time Clock area, select an employee. Click View Time Card or View Breaks.

Alternatively, in Time Card Management, double-click an employee.

All users can view their time card and breaks. If users are allowed to edit their time cards they can also edit clock events.

The Pay Period dates are shown at the top. Clock events in the pay period are listed in the grid.

Time Card Grid Columns

For users with the Edit All Time Cards permission (See Manage Time Cards):

How Time is Calculated

Regular Time: The left column shows total time worked rounded to the nearest minute in hours: minutes (colon) format. The right column shows times rounded to the nearest hundredth of an hour in decimal format. See Time Card Setup for the difference between colon and decimal format. Regular time accounts for seconds in the entire pay period, but seconds are rounded up before the time is displayed.

Overtime and Rate 2: The left column shows times rounded to the nearest minute; the right column shows times rounded to the nearest hundredth of an hour.

Note: Time totals (at the bottom) do account for seconds in the entire pay period, but seconds are rounded before they are displayed.

Protected leave hours are not calculated in Regular Time.

Breaks: See Time Clock, Clock out section for how breaks are calculated.

Edit a Clock Event

  1. Double-click a column in the Time Card grid.
  2. Edit the Clock In Date or Time, Clock Out Date and Time, or Out Status as needed. Only the Displayed fields can be edited.
  3. (optional) Enter a note to describe the reason for the change.
  4. Click OK to save.

Time Spans

Rate 2: Used to determine differential hours based on time card rules.

To delete a clock event, users must have the Time Card Delete Entry permission.

Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Forgot to clock out when leaving for the day

  1. When you realize the mistake the next morning, clock out (the Clock Out time will be wrong).
  2. Immediately clock back in to begin today's time.
  3. Double-click on the inaccurate clock event.
  4. Correct the Clock Out date and the time. The status will remain home.

Clocked out for lunch and then never came back to work.

  1. The next morning, clock in as usual.
  2. Double-click on the clock out event for the previous day's lunch.
  3. Change the status from Lunch to Home.

When clocking out for break, you discover that someone else accidentally clocked out using your time card. Your time card shows you have been on break for two hours and time is still ticking.

Option 1: Delete the clock event (double click on it, then click Delete). Only users with the Time Card Delete Entry permission are allowed to do this.

Option 2: When you are ready to clock back in, do so. Then, double click on the first inaccurate clock event and change the Clock In time so that it shows correctly.