Texting Terms of Service

See Texting.

Text Messaging

It is the responsibility of the office to obtain consent to send a patient text messages.

Patients can give consent when they manually provide their mobile phone number. This can happen when:

Alternatively, the office can verbally obtain consent. Once received, record the Text OK status in the Edit Patient Information window.

Patient Responses

If Open Dental HQ detects a message with a response of HELP, we will send back a message with a help link.

If a patient has opted out of text messaging, they can opt back in anytime by texting START to the office.

Patients can opt out of messages anytime. When a patient responds to a message with STOP, a message will be sent back informing the patient they have been opted out and will receive no further messages. This message is also forwarded to the office.

Open Dental HQ will have a record of the patient opting out. At the office, the Text OK status for the patient will be set to No with a commlog indicating the opt out request. While the office may attempt to continue sending a message, all messages to patients who have opted out will be blocked by Open Dental HQ. A patient must text START to allow receiving messages again.