Integrated Texting Troubleshooting

Below is some general help if you experience issues with Integrated Texting.

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Problem: Text messages show a status of Pending.

It is likely the eConnector was down when texts were first sent.

  1. Go to eServices, eConnector.
  2. Acknowledge any errors.
  3. Refresh the eConnector.

There is a waiting period when an office switches to a landline number. Texts will have a pending status until the number has been confirmed by Open Dental HQ.

Text messages may continue to show a status of Pending, even if they have successfully sent.

Problem: Patients aren't receiving text messages.


Some text messages have a status of failed or I received a text stating "Delivery Failure Receipt." What do I need to do?

It's likely you tried to send a message to a recipient (patient) with an invalid wireless phone in Edit Patient Information. The common causes for this are:

To fix this, edit the patient's wireless phone and try again. If you receive these error messages frequently and are unable to fix the issue, please contact support.

Problem: Can't delete text message commlog.

Information: Commlogs are created whenever a text is sent or received. Sent text commlogs can be deleted, however received text commlogs cannot because they are directly tied to the received text.

Problem: Some manual text messages are not delivered to the patient.

Manual text messages that include URLs (e.g., webform links) can be blocked by the carrier. Links should only be sent if they are generated and sent by the Open Dental Automated Messaging Feature (e.g., Web Sched).

My texts are being marked as spam. How can I avoid this?

Text messages can be marked as spam and blocked by the carrier. There is no way for Open Dental to unblock them. Here are some tips that can help prevent text messages from being blocked as spam.

  1. Avoid including URLs in messages. For eConfirmations, use the [ConfirmCode] field instead of [ConfirmURL].
  2. If your blocked messages do not include URLs, try altering the phrasing of the message.
  3. If the above continues to fail, contact Open Dental Support. We may have an alternative solution in extreme situations.