Appointment Texts

See Texting.

Appointment Texts are any text messages related to an appointment. They include eReminders, eConfirmations, eConfirmation Auto Replies, manually sent recall texts, Automated Thank You Messages, billing statements, Web Sched Recall, Web Sched New Patient, and Web Sched Verify messages.

Appointment Texts use a 5-digit short code (25975) to send messages. The 5-digit short code is not customizable and is shared by all offices using Appointment Texts.

Not all appointment related text services will use the short code. The services will be determined by the Open Dental eServices team based on the needs of the office.

Patients can opt out of text messages by replying with one of the following messages. These messages apply to any text messages sent by the office, not just Appointment Texts. These messages unsubscribe the patient regardless if the office is using the 5-digit short code, or a full length phone number.

This excludes the patient from all future text message correspondence. When a patient opts out, theText Ok and Appt Text fields in the Patient Edit window are automatically set to No.

Once a patient opts out, the office cannot opt them back in. To opt back in for text messages, the patient must text START or OPTIN to 25975.

Patient Replies

Only some appointment texts can be replied to.

Patients can reply with the following, and the office will receive the message:

If a patient replies to any other appointment text, the office will not receive the response and the patient will receive the following:
This is an unmonitored line. Please contact your provider directly.


Some messages (e.g. eConfirmations and Automated Thank You messages) sent out using a long number and not the 5-digit short code.

The 5-digit short code number will not be used until the next time a patient has their appointment complete. Once set complete, a prompt will ask if the patient would like to accept appointment related texts.