Sheet Signature Box

In Edit Sheet Def, click Signature.

Signature boxes are Sheet Field Types that can be added for Electronic Signatures.

The generated form can then be signed directly on screen or using an external signature pad.

Electronic Signatures are electronically tied to data on the generated sheet (except images). Once a sheet is signed and saved, the date and time of the signature will show in the signature box.

If data is changed the signature is automatically invalidated or cleared and the date/time stamp is removed. Multiple signature boxes can go on a single sheet.

  • Date and time do not show on signed payment plan sheets.
  • Signature boxes are only useful for sheet types that can be previewed before printing. Labels, prescriptions (Rx), and routing slips are not previewed on screen so cannot be tied to electronic signatures.
  • To add space for a written signature, add a line instead.
  • When a Web Form contains a signature box, patients can electronically sign using a mouse or stylus, or they can opt to type their name. See Web Forms: What Patient Sees.

X/Y Pos: Determines the position of the upper left corner of the signature box in relation to the x and y axis. X = horizontal. Y = vertical.

Width/Height: The size of the signature box.

Required: If checked, the user will be required to sign the generated form before saving it.