Dental Patient Screening Form

Use the internal Sheet in Open Dental to screen patients.

The ADA released a COVID-19 Patient Screening Form. This form is available as a sheet in Open Dental in versions 19.4.40 and 20.1.18 and greater.

Using this Sheet

First, update your Open Dental to version 19.4.40 or 20.1.18 and greater.

Go to Setup, Sheets.

The Dental Patient Screening Form will list under the Internal column. Select the sheet, then click Copy to move it to the Custom column.

Double-click the Dental Patient Screening Form on the right to edit as needed. The sheet is automatically enabled for mobile layout.

For help customizing the sheet, see Edit Sheet Def or see our Youtube Playlist on Sheets.

Filling Out the Form

This form can be used in the Kiosk Manager, as a Web Form, or in the eClipboard.

Recommended workflow:

  1. Have the patient fill the first half of the form via web form a few days prior to their visit.
  2. Staff imports the web form into the patient chart.
  3. On the day of their visit, staff can fill the other half of the sheet using social distancing measures (e.g. patient calls from their car).

Import the Sheet

It is recommended that you update to receive the Dental Patient Screening Form. If you are unable to update, you can import the sheet by right-clicking the link below and saving the XML file. Importing the file is only available in versions 18.4 and greater.

Dental Patient Screening Form

To import the sheet, in Open Dental, go to Setup, Sheets, Tools. Click Import then select the file.