ODMobile Appointments

Manage the daily schedule by viewing, creating, and editing appointments.

In ODMobile, tap the Appts tab.

The Appointments Tab opens by default when the app is opened. It displays the Appointments Module.

Appointments Tab

Operatories associated with the Appointment View display.

Use the icons to navigate the Appointments area.

Tap an appointment to view or make edits.

Create an Appointment

To create a new appointment:

  1. Tap on a blank area of the appointment tab. Tap in the general time frame you want to schedule the appointment.
  2. Select the exact time from the list.
  3. Select the patient by tapping (Select Patient).
  4. Enter appointment details.
  5. Tap Save to schedule the appointment.

Reschedule an Appointment

Tap and hold an appointment to move it to another time on the schedule.

The Pinboard icon only displays when dragging an appointment, or when an appointment is already placed on the Pinboard. Drag an appointment to the Pin icon to place it on the Pinboard. Tap the Pinboard Icon to display the Pinboard at the bottom.

Delete an Appointment

The Trash icon only displays when dragging an appointment. Drag an appointment to the Trash icon to delete it. A confirmation message displays.

Tap OK to confirm and finish deleting the appointment.

Appointment Edit

Fields available when scheduling or editing an appointment via ODMobile align with the fields on the Edit Appointment window.

To add procedures to an appointment, use Appointment Types.