EHR Reminder Rules

Reminder rules for Patient Reminders are optional. A patient does not need to meet a specific rule to document that a reminder has been sent. The rules define criteria a patient must meet for a reminder to show in their Reminder window. Criteria can be based on problems, allergies, medications, age, gender, or lab results.

  1. In the Main Menu, click Setup, Chart, EHR, then click Reminder Rules.

    All rules currently defined are listed.

  2. Click Add, or double click a rule to edit.
  3. Select the criteria that a patient must meet for a reminder to list in their Reminder window.
    • Reminder Criterion: Select the category this rule applies to. There are six choices: Problem, Medication, Allergy, Age, Gender, Lab Result.
    • Criterion Value: Enter the value that will trigger the reminder. Less than < and greater than > symbols are allowed. This field only is visible for Age, Gender (male or female) and Lab Results rules.
    • Medication: Click [...] to select a medication from the Medications List. This field is only visible for Medication rules.
    • Allergy: Click [...] to select an allergy from the Allergy List. This field is only visible for Allergy rules.
    • Problem: Click [...] to select a problem from the Problem List. The associated ICD-9 code will also show. This field is only visible for Problem rules.
    • Reminder Message: Enter the reminder message.
  4. Click OK to save the reminder rule.