EHR Document Reminders Sent to Patients

In EHR Modified Stage 2, there is no reporting requirement for reminders.

Reminders are notices sent to patients to remind them of preventive or follow-up care. Reminders are counted in the numerator for the EHR Reminders measure in two ways:

  1. When you mark a reminder as Sent on the Reminders window (see below).
  2. In version 15.1.21 and greater: When you send a recall reminder via the Recall List that has a Commlog type of Recall.

To determine which patients meet the stage 1 criteria for a reminder, generate a Patient List based on Birthdate. See EHR Generate Patient List. To also determine which patients meet criteria and had a completed procedure within a date range, use query #868 in Query Examples, specifying a birthdate, provider, and date range.

Mark a reminder as sent on the reminders window

  1. On the EHR Dashboard, click Send reminders.

    The Reminders grid lists any reminders that have been triggered for the patient, based on Reminder Rules. Reminder rules are optional and set patient criteria for a reminder (e.g. age, conditions). See EHR Reminder Rules. In the example above, the patient meets the criteria for being 5 years of age or younger.

  2. Select the patient's preferred communication preference. Click Edit, select a confidential contact option, then click OK. This preference can be a filter in Patient Lists.
  3. Select the reminder, then click Send to document that a reminder has been sent. A dated log entry will show in the Reminders Sent grid, and the numerator will increase in Measure Reports. See EHR Measure Reports.