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Open Dental Cloud

Open Dental Cloud is a hosted solution managed by Open Dental Software.

Open Dental Cloud looks and feels just like our local version, but can be accessed using a browser. To see if Open Dental Cloud is right for your office, give us a call. Our team will reach out to discuss the next steps.

Note: Open Dental Cloud is only available for US customers. The service is currently in limited release. We accept a limited number of customers requesting the service and give preference to those whose situation is a good match. There are some limitations on interoperability with third-party solutions.

The total monthly cost for Open Dental Cloud varies depending on the needs of the practice. An official quote will be provided before signup.

Service Description Fee* (USD) Details

Monthly Cloud Hosting and Support

$430/month/location or office

Covers one provider, includes 15 concurrent browser sessions** and 50GB of OpenDentImages storage.

Must be signed up for automatic credit card payments.

Discounts are available for multiple locations sharing one database. Contact Support for details.

Additional Providers (not counting hygienists)


Includes 10 additional concurrent browser sessions and 50GB of OpenDentImages storage for each additional provider.

Additional Sessions

$18/month/browser session

Allows for 1 additional concurrent browser session.

Additional OpenDentImages Storage

$0.40/GB over the monthly allotment

1GB of additional storage.

Fee is based on the largest size recorded for the OpenDentImages folder, at any time during the billing cycle. Fees are applied each billing cycle the allotment is exceeded.



One-time charge per signup. Collected before a Migration (Test or Final) is started.

*Open Dental Cloud service fees are non-refundable after services have been rendered.
**A browser session is one Open Dental Cloud user interface instance.

How it Works

Open Dental will do the cloud setup, then you can log in and get to work. All you need is a web browser and high-speed internet. See our Requirements page.

Also see:

The Benefits

  • Available from anywhere with internet access
  • Automatic nightly backups handled by Open Dental
  • Great for multiple location offices, easily expand
  • Automatically updated with latest features
  • Not reliant on IT for Server or Database upkeep or security
  • Not stuck: easily switch from Cloud to Local host or vice-versa

Determine if Open Dental Cloud is Right for You

Open Dental Cloud may be a good fit if your practice Open Dental Cloud may NOT be a good fit if your practice

uses Windows.

uses macOS. You can access Open Dental from a browser on any Operating System, however there are currently some limitations, like scanning and bridges when using Mac or Linux instead of Windows. We are working on these.

has a reliable internet connection with a minimum speed of 20 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload.

has an internet connection that is unstable or does not meet recommended minimum speeds.

wants to use the latest tools available in the software.

wants to choose when to update the software.

wants automated backups of the database and OpenDentImages folder.

wants to continue to self-manage backups.

does not have the resources or desire to manage a local server. The local computers that access the Open Dental Cloud are still fully managed by the practice or their IT.

has the resources to manage a local server.

does not use DirectX to view a full-screen 3D image of the patient's Perio Chart (Graphical button) or Ortho graphics.

uses DirectX and views the Graphical Perio Chart and Ortho graphics.

uses (or can use) Open Dental eServices for online patient scheduling and patient communications.

relies on certain third-party services like Flex, SolutionReach, etc. (It will take time for some vendors to build interfaces with our API, so this will vary by company.)*

uses separate Imaging software that doesn't need to be hosted.

wants separate Imaging software to be cloud hosted by Open Dental.

*See Open Dental Cloud 3rd Party Integrations for a list of compatible integrations.

For a list of differences between Open Dental Cloud and the local/server version, see Open Dental Cloud Differences.


How is cloud data protected?

Each customer's database and A to Z Folder (where documents and images are stored) are backed up every hour. The backups are encrypted, tested for integrity nightly, and stored off-site. See Open Dental Cloud Backups for more information.

What happens in the unlikely event of an Open Dental Cloud server failure?

In the event that the Open Dental Cloud server fails, the most recent backup will be restored to a new server by Open Dental staff.

Open Dental Software 1-503-363-5432