Edit Claim - Status History Tab

Use the Status History tab to record data about a claim.

In the Claim Edit window, click the Status History tab.

The Status History tab is useful to track a claim status, such as why a claim hasn't been sent, why processing is delayed, etc.

Before you can add a status, you must first create and customize definitions.

This information does not show on printed claims or e-claims.

Add a Custom Track Status / Error Code

  1. Click Add.
  2. Custom Track Status: Click the dropdown to select a status. No status will be selected by default. Users must select a status.
  3. Error Code: Click the dropdown to select an error code. The long description of the error code displays in the text box below the dropdown.
    Note: To require an error code, enable Require error code when adding claim custom tracking status in Preferences.
  4. Note: Optionally add a note that will show in the Log Note column. Right-click to insert Quick Paste Notes. Notes can be added or edited later by double-clicking on claim tracking status.
  5. Click Update to save.
    • If no Custom Track Status was selected the below message will appear. Click OK to return to the prior window and choose a Custom Track Status. Users cannot proceed without selecting a Custom Track Status.
    • If None was selected as the Custom Track Status, the below message will appear. Click OK to proceed with None as the Custom Track Status. Click Cancel to return to the prior window and choose a different Custom Track Status.