Definitions: Claim Custom Tracking

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Definitions, Claim Custom Tracking.

The Claim Custom Tracking definition determines the list of claim tracking statuses available on the Edit Claim - Status History Tab.

Use custom statuses to filter the Outstanding Insurance Claims Report by status and to exclude claims from the report for a certain number of days after a status is changed. Set the number of days in this definition. None is the default tracking status. To remove None as an option check the Account Module Preferences, Exclude 'None' as an option on Custom Tracking Status, the first status in the definitions list will be used as default instead.

To add or edit available claim tracking status options:

  1. Double-click an existing item or click Add to create a new item. The Edit Definition window will open.
  2. Hidden: Check to hide this status when no longer in use.
  3. Name: Enter the claim tracking status.
  4. Days Suppressed: Enter the number of days to exclude a claim from the outstanding insurance claims report for this status.
  5. Click OK to save.

To remove an item from custom tracking status lists, double-click the item and click Delete. If the item has been used it cannot be deleted.