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X-Charge is a Credit Card Processing program integrated into Open Dental that can be used to charge patient credit and debit cards.

Setup: Setup includes installing X-Charge then enabling the service in Open Dental. Make sure you have a backup plan for the X-Charge server.



10/21/2016 Duplicate Charges: X-Charge experienced a duplicate charge issue which has been resolved. However, any VISA charges processed through X-Charge on October 18th, 2016 are subject to duplicate charges appearing on the patient's credit card statement. TransFirst is working hard to get the transactions reversed. The charges will not show as duplicates in Open Dental or on your X-Charge portal.

The duplicate charges have been voided by X-Charge, but they will still appear on the patient's bank statement. Patients should not dispute the charges themselves. If a patient calls to dispute the charge, please inform them that a reversal should occur very soon.

More Features
X-Charge Decline Minimizer: This feature is available at no cost for businesses that offer automatic recurring billing to their customers.  It automatically checks for updated credit card information and updates it if needed, thus reducing declines.  Changes made are recorded in the payment note. To add this feature, contact X-Charge technical support and select option 3. No additional setup is required in Open Dental.

EMV transactions: X-Charge supports EMV transactions (credit cards with computer chips). You must use X-Charge version 8.1.1 or greater. You do not need to update Open Dental. Terminal options include:

  • Ingenico iSC250 (electronic signature capabilities)
  • Ingenico iPP320

If you capture electronic signatures, they will be stored on the workstation that acts as the X-Charge server.


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