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X-Charge Troubleshooting

Problem:  After the X-Charge window is closed, the wrong information goes into the Payment window in Open Dental. For example patient A paid $200 using X-Charge and when going to patient B account to make a $150 patient payment it shows patient A's $200 payment.
Solution: The CORRECT amount is posting to the accounts, the TEXTUAL information coming back is from the PREVIOUS transaction. DO NOT re-run cards without looking in the X-Charge reports.

This is happening because of a problem with the text file used in the bridge.  The text file is locate in the same place as the Program Path in the X-Charge Setup window. The typical path to the text file is:C:\Program Files\X-Charge\XResult.txt.   Look for that file. 

  1. If using the new version of X-Charge (requires a username and password) delete the information in the XResult.txt but not the file itself. Otherwise OD will not be able to re-create this .txt file the next time it is run.
  2. If using an older version of X-Charge that does not require a username and password, the file may be deleted.  Make sure the user has full security access to the file's folder.  This will be trickier on Vista or Windows7.

Problem: When making a patient payment in the Account module, you are required to enter your username and password every time you go to process it.
Solution: Check to make sure you have the correct username and password entered in the X-Charge Setup window. If that is not the issue, reach out to X-Charge. They installed the standalone version instead of the integrated version.

Problem: Receive error "Could not delete XResult.txt file. It may be in use by another program, flagged as read only, or you might not have sufficient permissions."
Solution: Run Open Dental as the administrator.

Problem: Something went wrong during a claim payment transaction using a prepaid insurance card (Edit Insurance Payment window). How can I determine if the transaction was successful?
Solution: In X-Charge reports, search for transactions with a receipt number of 'PREPAID', which indicate they are payments using a prepaid insurance card.


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