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Task Setup 

In Task Setup, customize global task settings, local computer default settings, and set up task inboxes.

In the Main Menu, click Setup, Tasks.

Global Settings

  • Inbox Setup: See Create Task Lists and User Inboxes.
  • Show legacy repeating tasks: If checked, the repeating task list tabs will show in the Tasks Area. If unchecked, repeating task lists do not show. This is checked by default if repeating tasks existed prior to updating to 16.3. Otherwise the box is unchecked by default.
  • Always show task list: If checked, task lists will show at the bottom or right of the screen in all modules so users aren't required to click Tasks in the Manage module. The Local Computer Default Settings will be enabled
  • New/Viewed status tracked by individual user: If checked, users can independently mark tasks as viewed/not viewed without affecting others. This is useful when task lists are used heavily. For any User Inbox, the new message count applies to the user the inbox is assigned to, not the currently logged on user. For all other task lists, the new message count applies to the currently logged on user only. Uncheck if you prefer that the new/viewed status be the same for everyone.
  • Show open tasks for user: If checked, the Open Tasks tab will show in the Tasks area. See Task Lists.
  • Default to sorting appointment type task lists by AptDate Time: Set the global default for appointment type task list sorting. If checked, task lists that have Object Type set as Appointment will sort by the appointment's date and time by default, not the date and time the task list was created. All other object type tasks will show below. Change this setting for the current user only in Task Options.

Local Computer Default Settings: These options only affect the current workstation.

  • Don't show on this computer: If checked, tasks lists will not show on this computer.
  • Dock Right: If selected, task lists will be docked on the right side of the screen. Enter an X Default value to set the default location of the vertical splitter.
  • Dock Bottom: If checked, tasks lists will be docked across the bottom of the window. Enter a Y Default value to set the default location of the horizontal splitter.


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