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Repeating Task Lists

Use Task Reminders in 16.3 and greater as an updated alternative to repeating task lists.

Repeating Task Lists are automatically generated checklists that can be used to mark off Tasks you do repeatedly. For example:

  • Daily tasks in the sterilization room.
  • Weekly tasks for stocking supplies.
  • Monthly tasks for equipment maintenance.

As you complete tasks, mark them Done under the By Date, By Week, or By Month tab to clear them from the list. They will reappear each day, week, or month depending on the Date Type setting (Day, Week, Month). Lists and tasks can be nested inside other repeating task lists, much the folder/file concept.

If using repeating tasks:

  • Reminders are not sent to you.
  • You cannot go to one place and see everything you need to do today.
  • The list does not specify who needs to do the task.
  • A supervisor must go to each list to see what is missed.
  • You cannot subscribe to repeating task lists.

Because you no longer have a list hanging on a wall and there is no reminder, staff must remember to perform the task, go into the repeating task list and mark the task done.

Set Up a Repeating Task List
In version 16.3 and greater, click Setup, Tasks, then check "Show legacy repeating tasks" to enable. See Task Setup.

  1. In the Tasks Area, click the Repeating (setup) tab.
  2. Click Add TaskList.
  3. Enter the task list name as the Description (e.g. Equipment Maintenance).
  4. Select a Date Type for the task list. This determines which Date tab it will appear under.
    Day: For daily tasks (By Date tab).
    Week: For tasks done once a week (By Week tab).
    Month: For tasks done once a month (By Month tab).

To create nested lists, highlight an existing repeating list first, then click Add TaskList. Nested lists inherit the date type of parent lists.

Hint: Task lists are sorted alphabetically. Numbering them may help with organization.

Add Repeating Tasks to a Repeating Task List

  1. In the Tasks Area, click the Repeating (setup) tab.
  2. Highlight the task list.
  3. Click Add Task.
  4. Enter the task description (e.g. Confirm patients). 
  5. Click OK.

The task will list under the tab that matches the date type of the task list.

Use Repeating Tasks
There are three date tabs: By Date, By Week, By Month. Within these tabs are the task lists and tasks that fit the criteria (date type of day, week, or month). As you complete tasks, mark them done and add notes. When marked done, they will disappear from the list. The next period (next day, next week, or next month), the task will show in the list again.

When you click a date tab, in addition to task lists and tasks, a clickable calendar will show.

Use the calendar to quickly switch to different dates and see associated tasks. This is useful if you complete tasks early and want to mark them done for a different day/week/month.


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