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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of our customers' most frequently asked questions. This is a good place to begin if you are experiencing a common issue and you would like an immediate answer. If you cannot find the answer to your question or would like further assistance, call us at 503-363-5432.

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Question: What version of Open Dental am I using? How do I check to see if there is a new version available?
Answer: In the Main Menu, click Help, Update. You will see the version you are currently using. To check for updates, click the 'Check for Updates' button. If you have never done an update, please call us for assistance.

Question: How often should I update the Open Dental program?
Answer: We update the program about once a month. You don't have to update that often, but you can if you want the newest feature requests. Call us if you want more details on updates.

Question: What happened to my color/confirmation circles?
Answer: You may need to change your Appointment View. Press the F1 key on your keyboard or check the View drop-down and select the correct view. If this is an existing workstation, someone most likely selected the 'none' view under the Pinboard.

Question: How do I print out a Fee Schedule?
Answer: Click Reports, click Procedure Codes under Lists, select the fee schedule you want to print and click OK. Click Code or Categories to sort.

Question: Why don't I see any patients when I click the Patient Select button?
Answer: It's likely that the Refresh while typing box (under Search) is unchecked. Click the check-box to show the patients instantly.

Question: When I print out a prescription, why doesn't the DEA number for the provider show?
Answer: Make sure the prescription is marked as a controlled substance. Click Lists, Prescriptions. Double click the items that are controlled substances and mark them as such. You can also click Lists, Providers and double click the providers to make sure the correct DEA number is listed.

Question: What do I do when I see an Unhandled Exception?
Answer: Please call us. We have solutions to most Unhandled Exceptions.

Question: Why does the tooth chart have circles and a diamond pattern on the teeth?
Answer: You may need to select a different graphics setting. Click File, Graphics. Click Use OpenGL Tooth Chart. Click the 'Show all formats' check-box, and select FormatNum 3. You may also try 4 or 5. If that doesn't help, give us a call.

Question:Why does a large, black, square window show at the top of a printed saved Treatment Plan?
Answer:You may need to select a different graphics setting. Click File, Graphics. Click Use OpenGL Tooth Chart. Click the 'Show all formats' check-box, and select FormatNum 3. You may also try 4 or 5. If that doesn't help, give us a call.

Question: When I click 'Reports', I get a message that insurance payments are not finalized, and reports may not be accurate. How do I fix that?
Answer: Go to the Manage module and click the 'Batch Ins' button. Look for an item that is marked as a partial payment, if you find one, double click it and fix it. Sometimes the amounts don't match, sometimes they do. If the amounts don't match, detach payments or click the Edit button and correct as needed. If the amounts match, just click the OK button, that should fix it. The other reason can be found with Query #958. Please call if you need help getting and using that query.

Question: Why don't I see any clock events when I click the 'View Time Card' button?
Answer: A pay period must be set up before Open Dental can display clock-in and clock-out events. Click Setup, Manage, Time Cards to add a pay period (on older versions click Setup, Time Cards).

Question: How do I change the color on an Operatory?
Answer: Operatory colors are usually based by the assigned provider. When a provider is assigned, you can change the provider color by clicking Lists, Provider, then double clicking that provider and changing the color there. If there is no provider assigned to the Operatory, the default color is selected and cannot be changed.

Question: How do I add a folder to the Image Module list?
Answer: Click Setup, Definitions, Image Categories. Click Add to add your folder. Use the up/down arrows to organize your folders if you wish.

Question: How do I make a secondary insurance plan the primary plan, or vice versa?
Answer: Change the 'Order' of the plan. In the Family module, double click the insurance plan. Under Patient Information, enter the Order number. Primary plans = 1, seconday = 2, etc. Changing the order of one plan will automatically change the order of the patient's other plans.

Question: On the Edit Appointment window, there is a list of single click procedure combination options in the middle. How to I customize that list?
Answer: Add, edit, or hide procedure code groupings in Definitions, Appt Procs Quick Adds.

Question: We just had a conversion and now see income transfers, dated the date of the conversion, on practically every patient. Why?
Answer: At the time of conversion, if a family balance is 0 we automatically reallocate amounts by performing an income transfer. See Conversions: Income Transfers.

For short and simple questions that do not require a screen share, start a live chat during normal hours of operation.


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