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Conversions:  Income Transfers

Webinar: Income Transfers

After a final Data Conversion you may have guarantors with large negative balances, but associated family members may have positive balances.  Open Dental associates payments with the individuals who had the work done.  Other software, however, may have associated payments with guarantors only.  Thus, when a family balance is not 0, the conversion process is unable to determine where to apply balance amounts.   

  • If, at the time of conversion, a family balance is 0, we automatically reallocate amounts by performing an income transfer.  For these accounts (families that had a 0 balance at time of conversion), there are no further steps you need to take. 
  • If, at the time of conversion, a family balance is not 0, we are unable to automatically reallocate the payments between family members.  As claim payments and balances are paid, and the family balance reaches 0, you will need to manually transfer income for certain families following the steps below. 

Steps to Follow:
To identify family balances that equal 0, you have two options:

Option 1: Run the query "Conv-Accounts Needing a Non-Income Transfer". This query may be in your Query Favorites. It is also listed at the bottom of this page.

Option 2: Refer to the Aging of A/R report you ran immediately after the final conversion.  As patients come in, or as payments are entered, check the family balance in the Account module. 

When a family balance equals 0, follow these steps to transfer income between family members: 

  1. Select the guarantor of the family. 
  2. Click Payment.
  3. On the Payment window, select None (Income Transfer) as the Payment Type.  The Pay button will change to Income Transfer.

The Transfer button may not be visible if, in Account Module Preferences, 'Payments prompt for auto split' is set to Forced.

  1. Back date the Payment Date to the final conversion date.  This is important so current Production and Income reports are not affected.
  2. Click Transfer.  All family to provider payment splits will move to the Payment Splits grid.  The Family Total, Total Splits and Amount values must all be $0.
  3. Click OK. 

Conv - Accounts Needing A Non-Income Transfer
Below is the text for a Query that identifies families with a 0 balance who are ready for an income transfer.

/*Conv - Accounts Needing A Non-Income Transfer*/
SELECT g.PatNum AS Guarantor,g.LName,g.FName,g.BalTotal,
GROUP_CONCAT((CASE WHEN PatBal>0.005 THEN p.FName END)) AS PatsWithPosBals,
SUM(CASE WHEN PatBal>0.005 THEN PatBal ELSE 0 END) AS PosBalTotal,
GROUP_CONCAT((CASE WHEN PatBal<-0.005 THEN p.FName END)) AS PatsWithNegBals,
SUM(CASE WHEN PatBal<-0.005 THEN PatBal ELSE 0 END) AS NegBalTotal
SELECT trans.PatNum,SUM(TranAmount) AS PatBal
SELECT pl.PatNum,pl.ProcFee*(pl.UnitQty+pl.BaseUnits) AS TranAmount
FROM procedurelog pl
WHERE pl.ProcStatus=2
SELECT ps.PatNum,-ps.SplitAmt AS TranAmount
FROM paysplit ps
WHERE ps.PayPlanNum=0
SELECT a.PatNum,a.AdjAmt AS TranAmount
FROM adjustment a
SELECT cp.PatNum,-cp.InsPayAmt-cp.Writeoff AS TranAmount
FROM claimproc cp
WHERE cp.Status IN (1,4,5,7)
SELECT pp.PatNum,-pp.CompletedAmt AS TranAmount
FROM payplan pp
) trans
GROUP BY trans.PatNum
) patbal
INNER JOIN patient p ON p.PatNum=patbal.PatNum
INNER JOIN patient g ON g.PatNum=p.Guarantor
WHERE g.BalTotal=0
HAVING ABS(SUM(PatBal))<0.005 AND SUM(ABS(PatBal))>0.005


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