EHR Vital Signs

Document a patient's vital signs, including height, weight, blood pressure, and pulse.

In the Medical area, click the Vital Signs tab.

Note: To enter Vital Signs, the following must be set:

Add Vital Sign: Add vital sign entries.

Growth Chart: For patients who are 0 - 20 years of age, view a plotted chart of vital sign changes. See EHR Growth Chart.

Vital Signs Grid: A list of vital sign entries, sorted by date. The Documentation for Followup or Ineligible column will show no text. (This column is leftover from 2011 certification.)

Click Add Vital Sign, or double-click an entry to edit. The patient's age will determine which information shows in the window.

Enter the vital sign information.

If applicable, enter CQM (Clinical Quality Measure) exclusion reasons or interventions.

Exclusion from BMI Exam: This information is included in EHR Clinical Quality Measures exclusions. If BMI height and weight are not recorded due to a patient's condition, select the checkbox that explains the reason.

Interventions and/or Medications: This area only shows in the following circumstances:

Click Add to document an Intervention.

Click OK.

If you select a medication, the Medication for Patient window will open so you can enter instructions and start date. See Medications. Click OK to save the vital sign entry.