Referral - Raw Report

Write simple SQL queries using fields in the Referral table using the Referral - Raw report.

In Standard Reports, in the Lists section, click Referral - Raw.

Available options are hard coded and may not reflect all fields. For more complex queries, see Custom Query Requests.

To control user access to this report, see Report Setup: Security Permissions.


In the SELECT tab, users can choose which columns of data to include in the report (e.g., Address, Email, etc). This information is pulled directly from the Referral Table in Open Dental and most can be edited or added from Referral List. Most fields are self-explanatory. Below are fields that may need additional explanation.

Ctrl + click, click and drag, or shift + click to select multiple items.

All: Click to select all available fields.

None: Click to deselect all currently selected fields.

The selected fields will be added to the statement at the bottom of the report window.


In the WHERE tab, user can select referral table fields to limit report results. See SELECT section above for fields that my need additional explanation.

Field Dropdown: Choose a referral table field to limit the report results. Fields may not exactly match the report column name.


Text Box: Select or enter the statement filter value.

Add: After setting WHERE statement criteria, click to add the statement to WHERE statement list and the query. Multiple WHERE statements can be added to the report.

Delete Row: Select an existing WHERE statement from the list and click to remove from the list and query.


The bottom section of the Referral Report window reflects the query being written as Select rows are and Where criteria are added

Click OK to run the query and view results in the User Query window.