Payment to a Payment Plan

In the Account Module, if multiple Payment Plans exist, you will be prompted to select one when entering a Payment.

Usually patient payments to payment plans are entered from the account of the person making the payment, typically the guarantor. However in certain situations it can be a different account, for example when one parent is the guarantor and the other parent makes the payment.

Follow the typical steps for entering a payment or Credit Card Payment. The payment will be automatically attached to an existing payment plan. If a payment needs to be later attached to a payment plan, then double click on the Payment Split, and check the box at the very bottom of that window. If more than one payment plan is available to pick from, then you will be able to select one.

Depending on the method of allocation your office uses, Open Dental may automatically suggest paysplits allocated to the payment plan charges based on first in/ first out logic (FIFO).

  • Open Dental will automatically generate paysplits for payment plan interest. We do not recommend editing these splits because it may cause future splits to allocate to the incorrect provider.
  • If discounting future amounts due, enter payments before adding payment plan adjustments; otherwise, the suggested paysplits to payment plan charges may not be available. See Payment Plan Window.

Payment plan payments will always show in the payment plan's amortization schedule. Double click the plan to view.

If your office's Pay Plan Logic in Account Module Preferences is Aged Debits and Credits, payment plan payments will also show in the ledger of the patient or the payment plan guarantor (if the guarantor is not in the same family).