Credit Card Transaction Details

Credit Card transaction details are added to the Note field of the Payment window when an XCharge (OpenEdge), PayConnect Window, or PaySimple transaction is attempted or completed.

XCharge Transaction Details

Each transaction type may return different transaction details and the information displayed comes directly from XCharge. A copy of the details are also stored here: C:\Program Files (x86)\X-Charge, XResult.txt for individual transactions and RecurringChargeResult.txt for all the transactions in the last batch of recurring charges run. Every time a transaction is completed the .txt file will be overwritten with the new transaction details.











ACCOUNTTYPE=American Express




Result: Transaction result (e.g. success, partial, etc.).

Type: Transaction type (e.g. purchase, return, void, etc.).

Approval Code: Code associated with the approved transaction. Consists of numbers and/or letters. For voids, the approval code will always be 000000.

AVS RESULT: Address verification service (AVS) is a service provided by the payment merchant that determines the match or partial match of the card holders address information.

Swiped: Indicates whether the card was keyed-in or swiped.

Contactless: Indicates whether the Tap to Pay option was used.

Clerk: User who was logged in when the payment was taken. R at the end of the user's name indicates the card was charged using CC Recurring Charges.

XCTransactionID: XCharge alias assigned to each credit card.

Account: Last 4 digits of the credit card used during the transaction. The first 8 (for AMEX) or 12 digits are masked for security purposes.

Expiration: Expiration date of the credit card used during the transaction (MMYY).

Account Type: Credit card brand (e.g. American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, etc.).

XC Account ID Updated: Indicates if the bank sent an updated expiration date, allowing expired credit cards to be charged. See XCharge (OpenEdge), Decline Minimizer.

Amount: Requested purchase amount that was entered into the Payment window.

Approved Amount: Amount that was charged to the card. This may be different than the Amount if the card holder did not have enough funds to process the entire amount (e.g. partials).

XCharge Transaction Details - Declined Payments

Declined credit card payments display less transaction details.

RESULT=Transaction not completed


Result: For declined cards this will typically display Transaction not completed.

Description: Reason code for the decline. Refer to the XCharge user manual for code definitions.

PayConnect Transaction Details

The transaction details added the payment note by PayConnect.

Transaction Type: SALE

Status: Approved

Amount: 15.00

Card Type: VISA

Auth Code: XXXX

Ref Number: XXXXX

Transaction Type: Transaction type (e.g. sale, return, void, etc.).

Status: Transaction result (e.g. approved, declined, etc.).

Amount: Transaction amount.

Card Type: Credit card brand (e.g. American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, etc.).

Auth Code: Code associated to the approved transaction consists of numbers and letters. For voids, the approval code will always be 000000.

Ref Number: Transaction ID, the same as Transaction # on PayConnect receipts.