EHR Measure Reports

EHR measure reports detail a provider's current percentages for meaningful use objectives, for a specific reporting period. Use the numerator, denominator, and percent values in the report when attesting for meaningful use (MU). See EHR Attestation.

The objectives that show are based on the provider's stage of MU (Modified Stage 2, Stage 1, or Stage 2). See EHR Set Meaningful Use Stage.


Running a report

  1. On the EHR Dashboard, click Measure Calc.
  2. Enter the reporting period's start and end date.
  3. Click the Provider dropdown and select the provider to report on.
    Note: All providers who have the same last and first name will be grouped together in the same report. If using dummy providers, use the provider abbreviation to differentiate between providers since first and last name must be identical for EHR purposes.
  4. Click Refresh to generate the report.
  5. Click Print the print the report to the default printer.

Each row represents a measure. Rows turn green when the percentage meets the required benchmark for the selected stage of MU. Some non-percentage based measures may show (yes/no measures). These rows can be ignored.

Calculation details

Double click a measure calculation row to see a detailed explanation of the numerator and denominator and exactly which patients and actions are included in each.